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Fighting trailer online

Fighting.jpgWell there's Terrence Howard and Channing Tatum, so that's something, other than that I don't really see the appeal of this film. Oh, there's some fighting I guess.

Well there are some positives, Dito Montiel is directing and has co-written the script, and you'll perhaps have heard of him from A Guide to Recognising Your Saints. However the trailer does not excite me and seems rather formulaic, the underground fighting version of 8 Mile?

It might have some nice surprises for the usual formula of young man who is a mess up in everything he does bar one area, trying to make a name for himself the only way he knows how, and on the way finding a turbulent love that Is at odds with what he does.

Check. Well I'm not sure that the trailer for Fighting really offers us much more than that and some handsome actors, are you?

Considering Iron Man 2 dropped Howard for his salary demands, I would hope they negotiated him down for this film.



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