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Fincher's Torso headless?

Torso.jpgParamount has let the rights to the novel behind the film adaptation lapse, and that means no Torso film for David Fincher, well not in the current state anyway.

It appears that Paramount had an option on the novel and had the rights to extend that option but let that slip last month, and that meant that they would have to purchase the rights completely rather than just run with the option on them.

While The Hollywood Reporter are quick to blame the economy for the film, I'm not so sure that's the case as the studios continue to churn out mid-level crud in order to scrape in small success.

While they're happy doing that they aren't happy investing in the man that just delivered them a huge raft of Oscar nominations, a big success of a film, and who had Matt Damon and Casey Affleck interested in the project? Doesn't sound quite right does it?

However there is some light at the end of the tunnel as the article does say that Paramount are in negotiations on the option rights once again, and I'm sure they'll be paying more than they would have had they just extended.

To me this sounds like a complete mistake on their side, it doesn't sound like a genuine decision. Perhaps some employee somewhere lost a piece of paper or forgot an important date? Really it doesn't matter as Paramount are back out trying to get the option again.

Is it really such a big issue? Paramount are actually going to end up spending more, unless they knew that the option rights they had were overpriced and a renegotiation now would mean paying less, I don't know, none of us do, but the fact that they're out to get them again doesn't mean that the project is dead, not yet anyway.



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