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Francis Lawrence to direct Samson

FrancisLawrence.jpgIt looks like Francis Lawrence won't be starting a prequel to I Am Legend (Filmstalker review) just yet, despite the rumours. Instead he's going to be tackling a project that retells the story of Samson and Delilah, although this one has a little twist to it.

The story comes from the pen of Scott Silver, and at the moment it's just a pitch, not a completed script, and it's already been bought by Warner Bros. for some seven figures. What economic downturn?

Scott Silver wrote 8 Mile and Variety say that he also wrote The Fighter which Darren Aronofsky is set to direct with Mark Wahlberg starring, apparently.

Anyway the big news is that Francis Lawrence is already slated to direct, so the different take on the story must be a good one, although there's not a reveal of what it is to be, all we hear is that it's a futuristic twist.

The original story from the bible tells of how Samson was betrayed by Delilah whom he trusted with his secret that his amazing strength came from his long hair which she used against him and cut all his hair off. Nice.

There's no way I can even start speculating on that one, what do you think?



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