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Frost talks Frost/Nixon

Nixon-Frost.jpgDavid Frost, the man whom half of the film Frost/Nixon is based on, has revealed that the story in the film does take liberties in order to make him an under dog for the purposes of the plot, and with that I find the question being raised of what else has been changed to make the story as strong as possible for the film.

However don't think for a second that Frost is against the film, in fact he reveals that he voluntarily gave his rights over for the film.

David Frost is the journalist and chat show host who interviewed Richard Nixon following the Watergate scandal and managed to get the President to reveal some shocking truths about his involvement and his beliefs about the Presidency and the people he serves.

Speaking to WENN through IMDB David Frost revealed:

“I voluntarily gave up my rights to editorial control of it. I'm not complaining but it does mean that 10 to 15 per cent of the film is fiction...

... wasn't just a talkshow host before (Richard Nixon). I'd done British prime ministers - Harold Wilson, Ted Heath - all the U.S. presidential candidates, Robert Kennedy, Ronald Reagan. I think Peter (Morgan) did it this way to make me out to be the underdog - more a showman than a journalist.”

Well that's not what we were expecting. If someone sees themselves portrayed in this way and their story changed for the idea of dramatic purposes you would expect them to be up in arms, but not Frost, he actually seems pretty happy with the idea.

I would suspect that he would be flattered by Peter Morgan's script and the Frost/Nixon film.



Shame. I know Peter Morgan added in a phone call conversation between the two leads that didn't actually happen.

That's true Billy, although there's some interesting info behind why he put it in there apparently near the end of his presidency Nixon was on a fair bit of medication and actually used to make random overseas calls and completely forget about them in the morning.

His closest staff were warned of it and told that basically if Nixon ever got you on the blower telling you to go to war to just ignore it.

I read that too, and certainly you get that feeling from seeing the film. That phone call is used as the enabler for Frost to suddenly realise he has to fight to get what he wants from the interview, something which I think wasn't needed as they already had that enabler in there and the moment of realisation.

However it does give an added extra to the screen persona of Nixon and the relationship between the two characters. It gives you a little more sympathy for him as well as showing you just how tough he can be.

The review is coming.


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