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Green Street 2: Stand Your Ground trailer online

GreenStreet_Poster.jpgWell, take a good film with something to say and see how you can sequel it and in the process forget everything the original was about. Green Street 2: Stand Your Ground is the sequel to Green Street, a film which looked at some of the reasons behind organised football violence in Britain, commonly called football hooliganism, and how someone could be drawn into that world.

This sequel, from the trailer anyway, seems to plant some cockney sounding actors in a deep south jail setting, and use the football in prison plot idea but with added violence, and it looks like glorified violence at that.

Green Street 2: Stand Your Ground looks poor judging by the trailer that you can see below. It does look like it's set in an American jail in the middle of nowhere – outside gyms, desert type grounds, blazing sun, and yet everyone's talking English.

Then there's the fact that this seems to be missing the point entirely, it's all about fighting in prison for survival, rather than looking into the heart and minds of the football hooligan, it's more like Death Race with football (soccer to the American readers).

Honestly I find it hard to understand what this film would have to do with the original film which sees an American student arrive in the UK and get drawn into the Green Street Elite firm, the West Ham football club's football hooligans, and how he becomes a part of something which seems so brutal and evil to the average person.

The first Green Street (Filmstalker review) had a lot to say for itself, and I think did a strong job of presenting why people get attracted to the violence and these groups, and it had a lot to say about violence, as well as portraying it in a very negative way.

Not so this film. Have a watch of the trailer, which comes through Quiet Earth, and see what you can make of it.



This should have been made as a totally seperate film to grren street. Its nothing like the original at all. It doesn't look too bad but it seems a bit like mean machine or the longest yard.

OMG that shouldn't be called green street 2 no way is it as good. It look alright tho. There no1 from the last green street tho esp. the yank =[.

green street 2 is amazin ive seen teh whole movie and it is more blood thirsty than the 1st one nd it does hav the same people in it, it has dave, keith and ned in it!! there in prision its an awesome movie. if u havent already seen it then u must!!

OMG this film is so rubbish !!!! the first film is great this one is so bad. i love hooligan films the rise of the foot soldier football factory greenstreet etc but would not recomend this to anyone !!!!!

complete shite. 1st one was good.


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