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Headey to direct vigilante film

LenaHeadey.jpgLena Headey, the star of 300, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and worth watching out for The Brøken and The Red Baron, is set to direct her first film. She's not leaping into the deep end though and is tackling a lower budget British thriller, but it still sounds good none the less.

The film is about a vigilante group that was originally founded to kill those that are deemed as evil doers, scumbags, and general lowlife which has lost its way and become corrupted and sick with its own power.

Kill Drug, which was originally called Retribution, is a British thriller from the British actor/writer Tom Bacon, and according to the Empire story, Jason Flemyng and Charlotte Rampling are already attached to the film.

It tells the story of Sally who is recruited into the organisation that her mother created when she killed her abusive husband in the seventies. Now, in modern day London, Sally joins the much bigger and complex group only to find that they have become drunk on their own power and their original moralistic view has been somewhat corrupted, and with it, her mother too.

Kill Drug will not only be directed by Lena Headey, but it will also star her playing the role of Sally, of the project she said:

“Kill Drug is smart, articulate, compelling, sexy, fun, dark, deeply poignant and not afraid to laugh at itself...Above all it is a gripping and compelling journey, a study of humanity’s darkest flaws and purest innocence.”

She puts down her desire to direct to the recent projects she's been working on and the direction by some very talented people.

It sounds an excellent project to start working on, and already she's managed to gather an interesting couple of actors. Although Flemyng may not be the best, Rampling is certainly a huge name to become associated with the film, and she is sure to be playing the character of Sally's mother, the head of the organisation.

Kill Drug certainly has strong potential, the question is can Headey make the move to directing from acting.



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