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Hush trailer online

Hush.jpgThere's a trailer online for the British horror-thriller Hush which looks rather intriguing, even if once the story is explained it turns into a collection of quick fire scenes from the film.

It's the story of a couple driving late at night on the M1 who are passed by a truck racing along. The back opens and they see a woman tied up in a cage in great distress, but the door is closed quickly and the truck continues. The man reports the incident to the police and they continue on their way...but should they have done more?

Well it appears they should have as his girlfriend is so upset at his lack of involvement that they argue and she gets out of the car at the nearest service station and leaves him. He chases after her but finds her necklace on the ground and the same truck driving away. He sets off in pursuit and is soon drawn into a terrifying game of cat and mouse.

Hush sounds rather good, and has some British television talent in front of the camera. It was written and directed by Mark Tonderai who is a BBC Radio DJ and co-wrote and starred in Dog Eat Dog.

While none of that might spark your interest, the trailer might.



I saw it at Raindance. It's pretty good.

That actually looks like it could be pretty cool. I don't recognize any of the actors or the director but it almost looks like it has that High Tension type of feel to it. I could be wrong though, trailers can be pretty misleading.

Well it's showing at the Glasgow Film Festival, and if they hurry up and decide whether I'm getting Press Accreditation this year (did last year, three years at EIFF and now the BAFTA's, but they aren't sure!) I might be able to see it before the tickets get sold.

Problem is the tickets are almost sold so they may miss out on a Filmstalker review, and we know how important that is Mark! (Joking!)

This is superb. Rated very highly in my top 10 horror for 2008. It's so good, in fact, that I'm planning to take my wife to see it when it gets a cinema release (and she doesn't "do" horror).

I'll be down for the One Day Removals screening on the 20th. Hope to see you there.

Me too Mark, if I ever get accepted as press I'll see you there and fire you a question or two! I won't swear at you I promise!

Well you'll get to see the re-edit of the film, which I think justifies your faith in giving us that extra star.

In fact it'll be the same cut as the version screened at Raindance which is just a wee bit tighter.


Well that was given because of the clips I'd then watched and the comedies I'd seen since and realised just how strong this is against American comedies - sure it's comedy from my area, but it's also off the beaten track from the easy comedy route, and it's at a fraction of the budget.

Good news, have the tickets and I'm going to the screening, although there's a screening at nine I'm heading to, hopefully I'll catch your Q&A where I can swear at you a few times in Doric!


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