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I Love You, Man red band trailer

PaulRudd.jpgA red band trailer is now online for I Love You, Man. The comedy stars Paul Rudd as a guy who is trying to find himself a best friend.

The trailer come across as a kind of more adult American Pie. Head inside for a look.

Paul Rudd plays a man who is soon to be married in I Love You, Man. He realises though that he's a bit thin on the ground, when it comes to having male buddies. He then sets out to find one, by going on various man dates.

You can see the trailer over on Jo Blo. There's some adult humour in there, so I'll refrain from embedding it. You never know who's reading. Just enter your date of birth and you are set. As I said it does come across as a slightly more adult American Pie. I do like Paul Rudd in comedy roles though, particularly Clueless and Friends.



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