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Ian Fleming biographical film

IanFleming.jpgIt was back in May that we heard that Leonardo DiCaprio was working on getting a biographical film of Ian Fleming, the famous author of all the Bond novels, off the ground, and that seems to be taking a step close to reality as we hear that a writer has been chosen.

John Orloff is the man who has been given the task of writing the screenplay entitled Fleming.

There's no word in The Hollywood Reporter if Leonardo DiCaprio is considering anything other than running the film through his production company, but you can imagine he would like to play the lead.

However I think he faces a struggle in this one, and it's down to his youthful looks. Ian Fleming carries a weariness and knowledge in his face that I'm not sure DiCaprio has, but then these days he is a cracking actor who can captivate an audience, so why couldn't he pull off the role?

John Orloff previously wrote a couple of episodes of the successful Band of Brothers series as well as the screenplay for A Mighty Heart, the film that told the story of the American journalist taken hostage and murdered in Pakistan by terrorists. He's currently writing Guardians of Ga'Hoole which Zack Snyder is set to direct.

You can read more about Ian Fleming's life on Wikipedia, which has a pretty good coverage of who he is and his life's works, including the fourteen James Bond novels. His early life in the war did not really lead him into the front line as a spy, but he did have a hand in planning a number of rather interesting escapades.

I do wonder what direction the film will take, with a biographical slant already announced then it has to look more to his real life than anything, although a fictionalised version of his life mixed through with fantasies and ideas from the Bond novels might be interesting.



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