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Iron Maiden: Flight 666 documentary

IronMaiden-EdForceOne.jpgIron Maiden are set to release a feature length documentary this year about their last world tour, a tour that saw them fly a customised Boeing 757 that carried their entire stage show around the world to thirteen different countries playing to twenty three sold out stadiums and arenas.

I'm not sure if this will rival the Metallica documentary Metallica: Some Kind of Monster, but it's sounding like in terms of scale it's going to be much, much bigger.

Iron Maiden: Flight 666 follows Iron Maiden through their last world tour where they played thirteen countries to almost half a million fans. They had their own 757 specially customised and nicknamed Ed Force One, Ed being the wizened character that even non-fans will recognise as the official front of Iron Maiden.

The front man of Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson, being a fully qualified airline pilot who regularly flies commercial flights flew the plane between gigs, which is no mean feat if you consider how much he'd be giving at each concert he played at.

It not only flew to the thirteen countries but Yahoo News reports that it also stopped at places such as Azerbaijan and Papua New Guinea as refuelling stops, travelling some seventy thousand kilometres.

The astounding facts though are that the plane carried the entire tour with their stage crew and twelve tons of stage equipment.

The film follows the first leg of their Somewhere Back In Time Word Tour which ran from February to March in 2008 and was filmed in high definition.

According to the Iron Maiden official site the band had never attempted something of this scale before, especially as it was accomplished in a mere forty-five days.

Scot McFadyen and Sam Dunn led the film team that recorded the journey, previously responsible for Metal, A Headbangers Journey and Global Metal, and not only do they bring us the scale of the event but they also give us an intimate look backstage, on the place, and even in the cockpit, getting backstage with a band that has rarely let cameras this close.

Iron Maiden are also planning a release on 21st April which will show the film in digital cinemas around the world, details of which we are awaiting.

I'm rather interested in this as Iron Maiden date back to my childhood, when I was growing up my brother had the t-shirts, posters and the music blaring out his room, and even now he still sports the shirts (although larger) and listens to their music, something I've come to like more with age.

Everyone will remember their song The Number of the Beast, and perhaps even Run to the Hills, those are iconic songs from my youth, and so it'll be interesting to see how they fare today, and what the band really are like behind the scenes. Then there's the sheer scale of the tour which is already a documentary in itself. I'm thinking that this could be a strong documentary, not quite on the intensity of Metallica's nor carrying similar revelations, but certainly exceeding it on scale.

Something for the fans only?



We were the second gig on that tour - they had cameras everywhere. I'm keen to have a look at the final thing. Should be cool!

Well get yourself over to the trailer and tell us what you think - you might be in it! Somewhere!!

Can't wait to see this. Seen the plane at Heathrow a couple of times now and it's gonna be cool seeing what goes on inside! x

I'm well excited about this. my bf even more so hes on ironmaiden.com everyday checking for updates. Only a month (or less, i think) to go now! :)


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