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Iron Maiden: Flight 666 trailer online

IronMaiden-EdForceOne.jpgIt was just the other day I was writing about the high definition release of Iron Maiden: Flight 666, the film of their amazing tour where they flew their own branded 757 across thirteen countries to some twenty-three stadiums and arenas.

The trailer has arrived online for the documentary and although it's all too short it does give you a sense of what to expect, and I think it's looking rather cool so far.

The footage of the plane with “Iron Maiden” strapped across its side flying is tremendous, not to mention the aerial footage of the huge stadium crowds.

However what it's not really suggesting is any dramatic or storytelling element that Metallica's documentary had, this is currently looking like a document of the whole event, something that might not appeal to the entire audience but just to concert, metal and Maiden fans.

Have a look and see what you think, is there more appeal here than a straight document of the concert tour? I have to say the funniest moment is seeing them on the golf course, oh how the young rockers grow old gracefully.



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