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Jamie King on Sin City 2 delay

JamieKing.jpgSin City 2 has been slowly making it's way towards production. It has taken alot longer than some of us might have thought though.

One of the stars of the first, Jamie King, has been explaining why it's been slow going. While Harvey Weinstein says it will get made at some point.

2009 might just see filming work begin on Sin City 2. A script is completed, and April has been muted as when filming will begin. That may well slip, and I guess until it starts for definite we'll all be a bit sceptical. Jamie King who plays twins Goldie and Wendy has explained just why it's taken so long.

I think when Sin City came out it was such a big hit for [The Weinstein Company] but the studio is frustrating… sometimes studios are awesome because they have a great vision for something, but then they want to do weird things with the second one. Robert [Rodriguez] didn't want to go down that route, so we've just be waiting till somebody knocked some sense into them, where we can do it the way we want to do it.

None of the filmmakers or the actors were willing to sacrifice doing it any other way other than what we wanted to do it. I'm hoping we'll do it sometime this year. But you know how movies are… I remember I was with Robert and he said we're going in two months. I was like okay, we'll have to work out everybody's schedule. But then it got pushed. So you never really know with movies. It happens when it happens.

She was talking to Collider, through First Showing.net. I guess you still get the feeling things are still moving painfully slowly. King also says that both ideas from Frank Miller's existing material, and original ideas have been incorporated. We can only hope that the weird things they wanted included have been bumped.

Harvey Weinstein sounds like he's pushing for it to be made though. He has told Sci-Fi Wire, through IMDB, that he fully intends on making the film.

I hope he's about to finish a script,Weinstein said. We're certainly going to do Sin City 2 eventually, so I'm sure that's coming up.

Weinstein obviously isn't in the loop if he doesn't know the script is finished. All very strange, start talking to each other people. Could we finally see Sin City getting off the ground? Or are there more delays awaiting us?



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