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Jericho the movie?

Jericho.jpgThe executive producer of the television series Jericho, the series that shows the effect of a nuclear attack on a small town in middle America, has revealed that they are working on a film that will take the idea of the show onto bigger and better things.

However at the same time his comments sound like this is in the really early stages, and despite the series doing well with a rerun in the U.S. it does seem as though it will face a tough battle.

The story for Jericho goes further than just the idea above, yes it gets even more complex. There are a host of characters that are explored within the series, each with their own agenda. The town pull together and begin to fight all the obvious dangers such as the after affects of a nuclear attack, looting, food and water but also other towns around them and a secret organisation that has a presence in their town.

It all sounds rather grand already, so I'm struggling to see where the scale could be improved upon unless they are talking about a city full of people, but the problem with the film format is that they would seriously have to restrict the amount of characters and the depth in which they look into their past and develop their characters.

From iFMagazine through TV Squad, executive producer and two show director John Turteltaub said:

“We’re developing a feature for JERICHO...It would not require you to have seen the TV show, but it get into life after an event like this on a national scale. It would be the bigger, full on American version of what’s going on beyond the town in Jericho.”

Now initially those comments sound exceedingly promising, but then you read the other and it really does sound a lot more speculative and stretching than at first you might think. Speaking of the repeat of the series he said:

“If it was like this remarkable success, they would bring it back”

Now that's my first concern about the project, if they aren't even sure about another series how could they be sure about a film?

He then goes on to say that all the Jericho TV cast would be back, which is something that sounds a little odd if he really was going to be changing a fair bit to bring it to the big screen. Then talking about the budget he gives the biggest blow to the thought of a film:

“Anything would be a huge budget compared to what we were dealing with...If we had $40 million dollars to make a movie with, that’s 20 times more than we did before”

He definitely says “if we had...” and while that may be taken as he has a budget but it's not that big, I take it to mean that there isn't a budget in place at all, and taking all the other comments into play I doubt that Jericho is close to becoming a film.

Perhaps though there could be a film in it if the repeat of the series is a success and there's another series commissioned, otherwise I'm really unsure we'll see a film in this format, the idea might have to be totally changed for film.



Thanks for helping spread the word about the Jericho movie.

I'm glad the producers will be able to tell the larger story they had planned on originally.


Well don't be so positive, I'm not entirely sure you've read the article properly, as I'm saying right now there's little to say that it's happening other than the EP starting to sell the idea.

I've got into Jericho recently thanks to the DVD's I'd love to see a movie or another series. (This is like Firefly all over again!)

What a Shame CBS selling nuts to put back Jericho and a little more they were going us make donation for them. Since they stop the season of Jericho I stopped watching CBS this is the only way that they understand. Peoples have to know that it’s us who decide what we like not CBS. At the place of the creator of the series I will move Jericho from CBS to FOX.


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