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Jones joins Gainsbourg biographical film

SergeGainsbourg.jpgSerge Gainsbourg is having his life story committed to film in France, and one well known American name is set to join the cast, Doug Jones. What's even more surprising is that he's set to be doing his usual prosthetic work on it.

He's not playing the famous singer, songwriter, actor and director in the film, that will be going to the French actor Eric Elmosnino with Lucy Gordon playing Jane Birkin and Laetitia Casta playing Bridgitte Bardot.

Serge Gainsbourg is probably best known for that song Je t'aime...moi non plus, which contained some rather rude sounding female moaning, originally from the fair voice of Bridgitte Bardot, but on the released version the voice of Jane Birkin, and caused an uproar and banning in various countries as well as condemnation from the Pope himself.

There's also another incident near the end of his life that you might remember, when he appeared on a chat show and said that he wanted to sleep with Whitney Houston in rather more crude terms. Shocking in his later years, but famous and well regarded at the height of his career, Gainsbourg will certainly make for an interesting story on film.

The film Serge Gainsbourg, vie héroïque will look at the entire life of the artist, from growing up in 1940's Nazi-occupied Paris through his success in the 1960's and onto his death in 1991. The blurb on Doug Jones' site, through ScreenRush has a little more information:

“Based on the remarkable life of iconic French singer, poet, writer and actor Serge Gainsbourg, the film is a surreal and evoctive record of Gainsbourg's meagre beginnings in a Jewish family coping under Nazi rule in World War II, through his popularity as the enfant terrible of 50s and 60s French media to notoriety in the 70s and 80s.

The special makeup FX have been created by creature shop DDT Efectos Especiales of Barcelona, Spain, the Oscar-winning team that brought alive the fantastic creatures of the multi-award-winning El Laberinto del Fauno.”

That does suggest that there will be a fair amount of surrealism and make-up effects required, something that would be backed up by the source material and director. Joann Sfar is the person who wrote the original graphic novel story about the star, has written the screenplay and will direct the film.

Sounds interesting, although I do wonder how far a reach the film will have outside of France. That said the thought that it would be somewhat surreal and a little off-kilter might gain it more exposure, but the big surprise for me is Laetitia Casta playing Bridgitte Bardot!

I wonder what role Doug Jones will be playing? So far it hasn't been revealed, but he has said that he's finding it a real challenge learning French and working with a dialogue coach and a piano coach – he'll be playing in the film?

“I am here in Paris until the end of April performing a role in the film that I am not allowed to talk about, unfortunately. I know, so not fair. But I can tell you it involves a stunning prosthetic make-up...I know what you're thinking ... "a prosthetic make-up in a bio pic?" You're just going to need to trust me here. All will be revealed in due time. This movie is different than anything I've done”

Sounds interesting indeed, and a real challenge for Jones, learning another foreign language for a role as well as the Piano.



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