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Kingsley in The Expendables?

BenKingsley.jpgI know there are casting rumours galore, and they can often turn out to be false, but to be honest I'm more than excited about Sylvester Stallone's new film The Expendables, I won't start going on about the choice of cast of Jet Li, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren and Stallone himself, as well as word that Forest Whitaker is in talks, but I will harp on about the rumour of this latest name.

Stallone is said to be chasing Ben Kingsley for a role in the film.

Now immediately some will get excited and think about the gravitas of Sir Ben Kingsley, and he has been in some great films and is a wonderful actor, but he's also been directed by Uwe Boll, so the opportunity for him to appear in a Sylvester Stallone action film isn't that far fetched.

The news comes from Extra through AITH and tells us that Stallone was questioned about Forest Whitaker's signing which he confirmed, then he revealed that he's looking to sign up Ben Kingsley. Now remember that this isn't in negotiations just yet, it's very early stages, and it could just be that they would love to have him.

None the less the idea for The Expendables is interesting and would add another great name to the cast. I'm really getting worked up about this film, Inglorious who?

The story also says that Robert Knepper and Juliana Paes are also signed, and remember Randy Couture is onboard too. Still, Li, Staham, Lundgren and Stallone, isn't that enough?



Good grief this cast is getting out of control! Not necessarily in a bad way though even with a bunch of names in a cast doesn't gaurantee greatness. At the moment on paper it all sounds potentially awesome.

You're right Meli, and Stallone can be a strong writer and director, but that side of his career can be hit and mediocre.

I'm hoping that we some of the intelligence, insight, and humanity that Rocky gave a strong send off, and not the bumbling, heavy footed and action heavy Rambo.


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