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Scott Thomas in Beatles biography

KirstenScottThomas.jpgKristin Scott Thomas is a gem of a woman, that's official fact and in the Guinness Book of Records. She's perfectly at home speaking French and appearing in French films, she's been funny, serious and breathtakingly natural in English speaking films, and she's gorgeous and mysterious to boot.

Now she's going to be starring as a Liverpudlian in a film about John Lennon's childhood, playing his aunt no less in a film called Nowhere Boy.

The film will tell the story of John Lennon's younger life and stars Kristin Scott Thomas as Lennon's aunt Mimi and Anne-Marie Duff as Lennon's mother, Julia. Yet who will star as the young John Lennon?

It seems, according to The Guardian, that there's going to be a newcomer to play young Lennon in Nowhere Boy, Aaron Johnson, who was recently the male lead in Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging.

Matt Greenhalgh, who wrote the biographical film Control (Filmstalker review) about Ian Curtis of Joy Division fame that won him a BAFTA, has written the script for the film and Sam Taylor-Wood is making her feature debut directing the film after winning a Palme d’Or for her short film Love You More.

Sounds rather interesting, especially with that line-up, especially with the superb Thomas and the very strong Duff.



She is an excellent actress and I always look forward to her films. I am reading the new Philip Norman biography of John Lennon and I think she would be excellent to play his aunt.


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