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Knightley as F. Scott Fitzgerald's wife

KeiraKnightley.jpgThe news that John Curran is set to direct The Beautiful and the Damned starring Keira Knightley is just that, news, and something I'd usually rather leave to the news outlet channels or just drop into a Stalked article. However when I read this blurb I instantly thought, "hasn't she just made this?".

Her new role will see her play the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Zelda Sayre, who was schizophrenic and together they had a stormy relationship, although she is credited with inspiring many of his works.

In The Edge of Love Keira Knightley played the lover of Dylan Thomas, another famous person from history and a relationship that was stormy and not so well known as being an inspiration to his works. Sounds very similar indeed, of course they are both true stories, but for films and film roles it seems that they are recreating the success of Edge of Love in this new film which Variety through Coming Soon says begins production in March.

Could it be that the story for The Beautiful and the Damned is being deemed as much more accessible to the American audiences because the story concerns an American writer, even if it is such a similar film story to be told?

Let's hope that Knightley doesn't get typecast for this sort of role, although she's proved in the past that when you think she's just about to become typecast she pulls a role completely out of the hat and moves in another direction.



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