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Linda Hamilton in Terminator Salvation?

SarahConnor.jpgBack in August, we brought you a rumour that Linda Hamilton herself could be involved in some way in Terminator Salvation.

With Arnold Schwarzenegger's appearance still a definite possibility, could Hamilton have a small role?

Earlier today we got some more details on Terminator Salvation, including some plot details. And Coming Soon talked to McG about a possible recap in the film, for those that have missed the earlier ones. He had this to say, about a potential solution:

He said they were still trying to figure out what to do, but one option they came up with was to have Sarah Connor do a voiceover to open the movie.

Hopefully they would ask Linda Hamilton to do the honours. It would be a nice opening to the film I reckon, along with the Terminator theme. Should Danny Elfman decide to use it. It worked on Terminator 2 that's for sure. Would you like Linda Hamilton back, if even for only a voiceover?



I think one of the problems that Terminator 3 suffered from was not refering to a lot seen/mentioned in the previous two movies. It seemed fitting to have John Connor to do the voice over in T3 as Sarah is now dead.

As much as I would love Linda to return (it would be a nice present!), I think Connor, or even Kate Brewster should do the voice over.

Linda Hamilton is an old hag at this point, there's nothing cool about this news.

I know what you mean Billy. Other than the John Connor/Terminator moments, it could have referred back a bit more. They didn't really fill in the blanks between T2 and T3 that well.

I reckon you're right, Christian Bale will probably end up doing it. Just no Batman voice please!

Jeff, I reckon that's half personal insult and half personal opinion. I'll put you down as a no.


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