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Murphy's Imagine That trailer online

EddieMurphy.jpgEddie Murphy I am not afraid to say I am not a fan. He's basically let his career go down the tubes and taken to making bad comedy films and films for kids (and sometimes both) where he often plays multiple parts in disguise. Great gimmick.

However the trailer for Imagine That does hit the button as a kids film and family entertainment, there's no sign of him playing anything more than one role, and his performance looks toned down and realistic. Could this be a good Murphy comedy?

There are another couple of signs that suggest at something better than before with Imagine That, there's Thomas Haden Church starring alongside him, there's Karey Kirkpatrick directing who also directed Over the Hedge and wrote the screenplay for family films such as Chicken Run and the co-writer of Ed Solomon who wrote Charlie's Angels, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and the screenplay for Men in Black.

Okay that's not a glowing list of references, but it's not that bad either, and it doesn't turn me towards the idea until I watch the trailer.

Okay sure it's predictable, we can see where it's going, there will be a feel good message, and if the press is to be believed this might be a way of smoothing over recent accusations about Murphy's own circumstances that don't exactly match the film's, but it does suggest that it could be good family fun and deliver well for the intended audience. What do you think?



Looks better than the rubbish he has been in recently. But that really isn't saying much.

Not a great deal, no. Could this be a comeback? Heard that before!


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