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My Bloody Valentine 3D UK advertising farce

MyBloodyValentine3D.jpgYou know I'm getting fed up of the advertising in the UK for My Bloody Valentine 3D, I keep seeing the television advert that features next to no footage from the film, faked footage, and does that awful thing interviewing people straight out of a prearranged viewing.

It's all in the aide of trying to get you to pay your money to go and see the film, and yet what have we seen? Nothing of the film that's for sure.

The UK television adverts have next to nothing to do with the film itself and concentrate on effects scenes that make you think of 3D in the cinema. There's a number of key scenes, one of a masked miner throwing an axes directly at the screen which flies out of the screen and into the cinema, flying across the audience.

The other big 3D scene is where there's an explosion on the cinema screen and we watch the side view as the flames leap out across the roof of the cinema and the audience all duck down in their seats screaming.

Are either of these scenes in the film? No, it's all faked up for the television adverts. Of course there are a few brief glimpses from the film, a couple of characters looking at the screen in disbelief or shock, well that's all I manage to gleam.

The rest of the advert covers the usual "just got caught out of the screening" crowd. You know, the ones that have been invited to see a free film so that they can record all the positive comments for promotion.

It's a terrible advertising campaign, and I'm not even going to mention the 3D aspect of the film, and I hate 3D films with a passion.

For MyBloodyValentine3D it's all there, and it's painful to watch. Every time I see it come on I wonder about the poor people who get sucked into it all, as one friend at work popped up today to see me said:

"I'm going to see a film this weekend, it's between My Bloody Valentine 3D and The Wrestler, which should I..."

I interrupted and did pretty much the previous rant, who could he even be considering that rubbish over The Wrestler? Was he really taken in but the advertising? Apparently so. Have you been?



Well, I saw the Wrestler at midday last Saturday, and as I was leaving I hard a couple who were sat on the back row (of a small theatre) saying "that's two hours of my life I'll never get back". I chuckled to myself.

Then, I went to see My Bloody Valentine, again on the Saturday, but in the evening. Well, I tried to; the only seats they had left were front-row - no thanks. I went back on the Sunday, it was relatively busy, but when I came out there was a massive queue for the next showing.

Box-office 'success', as you probably already well know, is irrelevant to how good (or bad) the movie actually is.

I saw an advert for it on TV today. I'm pretty sure that it said it was the No 1 3-D film. How stupid do they think we are?

Yeah Trovster, box office success is marketing, release strategy, and cinema chain deals, a good film is the last thing on the list.

I went to see this in 3-D yesterday and I totally had fun. There were more then one scene when I felt like I should stick my hands up in the air and go weeeeee, because the rollercoaster was so much fun.

The flick even caught me off guard once and I jumped pretty high.

Now this movie is what it is and knows it. Fun slasher flick with fun 3-D. All in all I had a blast watching this thing and from the sounds of the full theater so did everyone else.


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