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My Name is Bruce in Edinburgh

MyNameisBruce.jpgA little while ago Bruce Campbell was touring the U.S. promoting My Name is Bruce with a Q&A session before the film. Well the film is showing in only a few UK cinemas to begin with, and one of them is the gorgeous Cameo in Edinburgh.

What's more is that there's a possible Q&A beforehand with the man himself, yes he may be appearing live in Edinburgh.

The sad news is that if you're looking for tickets you're already too late, just like me. I was hoping to get hold of them as soon as they went on sale, and in fact I should have been a bit more proactive in begging the Cameo to hold one back for me, however I forgot and just might have missed one of the biggest film events the Cameo's shown in some time.

Think I'm going a bit over the top? Well the fans don't. The tickets went on sale on Monday morning by phone and in person, and they lasted a mere thirteen minutes before they were sold out. Can you believe it?

As I say I had heard about the screening sometime before but missed the date, and with a thirteen minute window who could have blamed me? Thanks to itsonitsgone for the sellout details and for rubbing it in though, now I'll be watching their site for other Edinburgh offers.

You can see the trailer right here on Filmstalker for those who have also been unfortunate enough to miss the tickets, and you can read more on the event at the Cameo site. Now, a begging letter to the Cameo sounds appropriate!



Doh, i just found out about this today and was too late as well! It's a once in a lifetime opportunity, i guess its good there are so many Brucie fans about though :)

I didn't get tickets either, had an impromptue meeting at work that just happened to start at 11am that day! Crap

What a bummer...if only they could have done a second night!


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