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New A-Team by Carnahan, Ridley and Tony Scott?

TheATeam.jpgThis sounds incredible, it really does, but the news today is reporting that the A-Team project isn't dead and that there are a new crowd in town pitching for the film. You will not believe the list of names involved, really you won't.

Well actually you will if you've read the title of the article! Joe Carnahan, Ridley and Tony Scott could be recreating the A-Team for the big screen film version.

That sounds incredible and already ideas and visual styles are flying around my head, this could really become an exciting film, but there's something wrong already. This won't be The A-Team in any guise or form, not with these guys on board. This will become a modern day interpretation of The A-Team, which means it'll become more like the project The Losers, which is already in production elsewhere.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Joe Carnahan is in negotiations to helm the action movie with Ridley and Tony Scott's company Scott Free as producers, these guys will be replacing John Singleton's previous attempt to get the film made which fell over various issues including casting.

The 1980's show was a staple Saturday afternoon diet and it told the story of a crack team of US Army Special Forces who came back to America after fighting for their country and were constantly on the run for a crime that they didn't commit. You'll remember Hannibal, the leader of the group, Face, the good looking front man, Murdock, the slightly crazy pilot and B.A. Baracus, the get things done man.

There's no need for me to even tell you who they were played by, because they are iconic, and that's a problem the film faces.

Actually that's not the only problem. The series had some unique characteristics, the building of something each week out of relatively nothing, the big escape where no one ever got killed, and the continual run against bad guys where the A-Team always ended up on the right side of the law doing the right thing.

I can't see any of that making it into the feature, especially with the names above behind the film. No I'm more inclined to believe we are going to get a story just like The Losers (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com), which I think is the modern day A-Team story. It tells the story of a team of elite soldiers who are double crossed and betrayed by their handler and/or agency. They are left for dead, in fact their agency tries to kill them. When the plan goes wrong, although the agency think they are dead, they get together to hunt down the people that set them up. However that project has been dropping in stature step by step, and director by director, as you can read about on Filmstalker.

So perhaps it is a good idea that Carnahan and the Scott's take up this project and make it modern and hard hitting, becoming the film feature that The Losers doesn't look like it's going to be.



Oh dear, Hollywood love affair with retro TV is really scraping the bottom of the barrel now. What a shame that someone like Scott is party to this.

"This won't be The A-Team in any guise or form" Then I have to ask why even bother?

Why not do something original and be done with it?

What's next? Scorsese doing Automan?

Well actually.

Seriously though, what would be wrong with that? What if Scorsese turned round and produced the most amazing adaptation of Automan ever, an adult version which really rocked cinema and TV adaptations?

I see what you're saying though. For me A-Team just cannot be created on film without losing all the key ingredients. What remains will be the same characters with the same traits, but they'll be harder and kill people without the silly inventions. That's not A-Team.

They should drop this project and just adapt The Losers properly. I keep saying this, but that IS the modern remake of A-Team.

Automan was total junk. I should know, I never missed an episode! Where are you now Chuck Wagner?


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