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New Fast and Furious trailer online in HD

FastandFurious.jpgThere's a brand new Fast and Furious trailer online in high definition, and it's looking rather good, until that last scene though, where it just seems like it goes a little too far.

The film reunites almost all of the leading names from the previous films, Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster – new model original parts - and it promises to be the best yet.

The trailer for Fast and Furious does look great at the start and when the cars kick in, but I'm wondering if it's just a little too much at the end, after all this film is about the cars, driving and attitude, and this looks like it might just have too much of a paint job, shiny chrome and not enough horse power.

Have a look at the following trailer or head over to Yahoo Movies and see the trailer in high definition where they released it upon the internet.

So what do you think? I still believe that the ending is just too much and sure it's a trailer, but it's early on in the film considering what the car shot reveals, and if that's early on then the rest of the film is going to have to deliver more doesn't it? What do you think? Too much, or is it looking great in your eyes?



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