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New Killshot trailer

Killshot has been playing musical release dates for over two years now. But it's finally due to be released later this month in the US.

To commemorate the occasion, a new trailer has been released. Head inside to see Mickey Rourke as a hit man, and Diane Lane running scared.

Killshot stars Diane Lane and Thomas Jane, who after an incident find themselves one of the few people able to identify an experienced hitman. After the obligatory enrolement in the Witness Protection program, they think they are safe. The experienced hitman and a young upstart killer aren't done though.

The trailer is below from Jo Blo. Take a look and see what you think. Looks like it could be interesting, although the constant release delay is a little worrying.



Do you think it was held up for the Golden Globes perchance, and now that Rourke has one they have their big marketing stick?

The trailer shows a little too much, although there's no real grasp of spoilers, and the quick flashing scenes gets a little irritating because then you don't actually come out with anything.

I think there's another, better trailer in there which is hinted at with the first half up to that scene where Rourke is standing staring through the doorway.


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