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Orange BAFTA Rising Star: Michael Cera

MichaelCera.jpgThe Orange British Academy Film Awards, aka the BAFTA's, have an important award that you can have a hand in deciding who wins, more than a hand in fact, because the vote is made up entirely from the public.

I've already written about the awards and how you can vote, but I thought I would just take a look at each of the nominated stars and run through their career. The first of the nominees for the Orange Rising Star Award at the BAFTA's is Michael Cera.

Michael Cera was born in Ontario, Canada in 1988 and for such a short career he's already racked up a host of appearances.

He began in television, flitting from series to television films and making his first real big screen appearance in Frequency in 2000. He then continued working throughout television series and films until another big appearance in Confessions of a Dangerous Mind in 2002. In both films he was playing a young version of one of the main characters, in Dangerous Mind a young Sam Rockwell which seems a rather good fit.

However it would really be Arrested Development where he began to get noticed, appearing in some fifty-three episodes between 2003 and 2006. Then the big screen appearance and recognition really hit home with his 2007 appearance in Superbad.

In the feature film and big screen respect he's only just appeared, but in terms of television he's almost an old hand.

I first saw him in Juno in 2007, flying across Canada on my way to California for my Honeymoon, and he fairly kept me entertained. Juno was a superb film that brought a great, honest style of writing along with some strong young actors, Cera was one.

His role as the off and on boyfriend of Juno, and the father of her unborn child, really brought him to the fore, and while he played a character who was considered a lead, there was a real desire to see more of his awkward, unique character on screen.

That's been answered with Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist which has just been released in the UK but was filmed last year, a film where he shares the limelight with another newcomer, Kat Dennings. However while Juno was Ellen Page's showcase, this is much more his.

Extreme Movie is yet to be seen outside of the limited release in America but sees him starring alongside other comic actors in a sketch-type film, Icelandic audiences can welcome that film in March of this year.

Paper Heart then follows which looks at the relationship between two young actors, and then Youth in Revolt where he plays the lead of a fourteen year old who is trying to escape his terrible life with his parents and bed the woman of his dreams in order to lose his virginity. Names such as Steve Buscemi, Ray Liotta and Justin Long star alongside.

However there are three big film titles sitting on his career list that are all equally as big and really mark where he is in his career. The first is The Year One, a comedy from Harold Ramis, yes the ex-Ghostbuster, and playing a lead right next to Jack Black with other cast members including Olivia Wilde, Oliver Platt, Hank Azaria, Vinnie Jones, Paul Rudd, Harold Ramis himself, and so on.

Then there's the much anticipated film from Edgar Wright called Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, where he plays Scott Pilgrim himself, a man who must defeat the seven evil ex's of his new gilfriend in order to win over her heart. He's leading a cast including Chris Evans, Brandon Routh, Anna Kendrick, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kieran Culkin, and so on.

Finally there's an Arrested Development film announced too, directed by Ron Howard no less, returning him to his successful television show and bringing the concept to the big screen, and with the original cast rumoured to return, it looks like the film is going to be a big hit. Will Arnet, Portia de Rossi, Jason Bateman, etc. are all rumoured to be starring.

It's a been a busy couple of years for Michael Cera, and it looks to be racing forward with each film. One has to wonder what the rest of 2009 and 2010 have to bring. Perhaps we'll see him start to climb out of his comic acting and tackle something a little more serious?

Michael Cera is one of the nominees for the Orange Rising Star Award at this year's BAFTA's, and you can vote for him in one of two ways. You can either head to the online voting at the official Orange British Academy Film Awards page and read up on the stars, watch some clips for them to refresh your memory, and then get voting, it's free online.

Or you can use the text voting which you can read more about over on the official voting site. Get yourself over there and have your say.

Make sure you do, because this is an award where you decide who wins, it's not a bunch of industry type people, but the audience, for real.

Look out for the profiles of the other nominees Noel Clarke, Michael Fassbender, Rebecca Hall and Toby Kebbell.



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