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Planet 51 trailer online

Planet51.jpgWe've seen some stills from Planet 51 before, when it was called Planet One and before it was rescued by Sony. This is the story of a planet inhabited with green humanoid aliens that are living in a world not unlike 1950's U.S. who are shocked one day when an alien lands on their planet. Except it's not an alien to us, he's a U.S. astronaut landing there for the first time.

Instantly I fell for the way they're telling this story, it's reversing the whole alien contact idea and it looks rather fun, but I didn't realise how much fun it was until I saw the trailer, which you can see right here.

The aliens in Planet 51 have drive in movies, picket fences, and a strange fear of alien invasion, all like mid-America from the fifties. The inhabitants of the planet hunt down the astronaut who is then hidden by a young alien.

It's all animated from the outset, and you can see why, that Alien dog just couldn't be done otherwise, and not only is it a cute character but it's also a superbly imagined one. That, and the whole flag planting scene, makes me wonder what else is in store for us in Planet 51 and just how many more cool and imaginative ideas are going to appear throughout the film.

Ideas aside, it also looks damn funny. Here's the trailer through Twitch.



So it's The Day The Earth Stood Still in reverse. Neat.

Oh, and "carpetless opium" has to be the most randomly amusing recaptcha yet.

Is it? I think it's fair to say that this film was in development well before Earth Stood Still.

You know I love the captcha words sometimes, they are definitely linked at times.


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