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Plunkett American Football film

JimPlunkett.jpgThe story of Jim Plunkett, the first Mexican-American quarterback to win the Super Bowl and receive a Most Valuable Player award on the way, is being made into a film which will tell of his rise to fame and the struggles he faced.

For those of you not interested in American Football this is still well worth a read because it sounds like it could be a very dramatic film, the sport itself being somewhat secondary.

Plunkett himself was originally reluctant to allow a film to be made of his story, despite having written a book already (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com). Not for any reason other than his parents not wanting to be seen as handicaped. Through Variety Jim Plunkett spoke of why he didn't want the story to be told before now:

"I put off (cooperating on a biopic) for so long because I'm a fairly private person...I would like to leave behind some kind of legacy. When my mother was alive, she didn't want to be perceived as a handicapped person. Now that she has passed away, I felt like the time was right."

Interestingly both his parents were blind, and that coupled with the fact he is Mexican-American rising to the top of the American sport gives the film some great dramatic hurdles for the character to rise against. He won the Heisman and led his Stanford team to win the Rose Bowl in 1971.

However the real turn of the film will be the moment when his career seemed over. Seven years in NFL and he was waived by the San Francisco 49ers, that was it for him, except the L.A. Raiders didn't think so and took a chance on picking him up.

He sat on their bench for over two seasons but when he finally led the team he took them to victory in Super Bowl XV and again three years later.

What a comeback story, and one that is sure to appeal to all sport fans, not just American Football ones. However that's a hurdle the film faces if it's going to hit a wider audience, it needs to appeal to audiences on a character level, a character overcoming hurdles to huge success rather than just the American Football fan. If it can do that there's a much bigger film success there.



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