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Preacher gains new writer

Preacher.jpgIt does sound as though Preacher is moving forward, we heard recently that Sam Mendes was still not officially signed on to direct the film and was awaiting a script, but we didn't know from whom the script was due, until now.

John August, the man behind The Nines, Corpse Bride, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Big Fish, both Charlie's Angels, Titan A.E. and Go. Sounds a good mix in there, and he could be superb for Preacher, perhaps even delivering the script that will make Mendes sign up to the project – no pressure John!

Preacher is adapted from the comic book by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon that tells the story of a Texas preacher who is possessed by a creature and ends up flattening his church and killing his own congregation. The creature is called Genesis and is child-like but has the combined power of an angel and a demon that may even rival God himself.

He becomes a down and out and struggles to come to terms with what has happened while he learns what his new powers bring him. Teaming up with his ex-girlfriend and a vampire they head across America to find God.

Over on his own blog John August reveals that he's going to be writing the script and does say that Sam Mendes is attached to direct – was Sam stringing us along in his previous comments? I don't think so, I would want to see who was writing the script and how it read before I committed to the project for certain.

John gets straight to the point on his site though:

“no release date, no cast, no locations, no nothing”

Bear in mind he hasn't even started writing it yet. So head over to his site and drop him a positive note and let him know he's working on a project people want to see, and while you're there have a read through his site, it's an excellent source for those in, or wanting to get into, the business of film.

Sam Mendes directing, hopefully, and John August writing? Already this is starting to sound like an ideal project.



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