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Predator remake by Rodriguez

Predator.jpgThere are a couple of big surprises regarding the possible Predator franchise restart, or remake/sequel if you're a little more realistic about it all. First up is the rumour that Robert Rodriguez is set to produce the film, or rather his studio is, but the second big surprise is about the story and how they are set to expand it from the original.

Now if this rumour is true and this is really the way they are going with the film then I think they've totally lost the point of Predator and are diluting the character just like they have in all the sequels and the Alien hook up films since.

You see one of the superb aspects to the first story is the gladiatorial aspect of the two main characters, and the fact that the team get whittled down to a one on one fight because only one of them is strong enough, and his strength is gained through the ongoing battle and his survival through each encounter.

It's also the fact that the Predator is one creature with such immense power, it makes the final fights and conclusion just so satisfying, and Arnie's one liners so good.

However if the rumour that Bloody Disgusting have picked up is to be believed, we're heading for a much diluted Predator and the typical Hollywood ideal that more is better.

Not only do they have a “source” telling them that Robert Rodriguez's company Troublemaker Studios are going to be producing the film for 20th Century Fox, but they reveal that in this film there will be multiple Predators for the team of elite soldiers to fight against, here's the exact quote they have:

“In the reboot a team of commandoes face down a mysterious race of vicious monsters.”

Great. They've missed the point and Predator will become a cheap copy of the original. I'm sticking with that thank you.

Hollywood please ban the following words in meetings – remake, restart, reboot, re-imagining – and please stop thinking that adding more means it's going to be bigger and better.



Here we go again! In 20 years time will there be another reboot of the re-imaging? or will they go back to the original film and re-do that! I totally agree about Predator (I quite liked 2 as well). What makes us think that with better technology we're bound to make a better film?

I'm speechless...

I agree this is a bit daft. The whole point of the Predators is that they're all about the challenge and the honour. Pitting a team of them against a team of marines doesn't really makes sense; the technological superiority of a single predator should be a match for the entire team. Much like the first film.

Having said that, and removing my serious geek hat for a minute, I'd quite like to see a big alien action film directed by Rodriguez. Just why make it a Predator reboot/sequel?

To put it bluntly this is the shittest idea Hollywood has ever had!

Seriously! The cast of the original was so perfect, who would they get to replace any of those guys?! There is noone else on Earth with as arrogant and proud personality as Jesse Ventura in that film....at least no one who has the right to be.

The plot and direction of the whole film is perfect! Every scene is total war magic. Let sleeping dogs lie!

Hollywood is the worst institution ever thought up by mankind. Clearly the most boring, un-imaginative, money hungry pricks on Earth.

Get a job Hollywood! Give up ruining the best film of all time......FACT!

There is some stuff that should judt be left alone!! How and who are the going to replace Arnie with...there isn't anyone worth their salt in actting that even COMPARES to his size.
If they remade this it would be like a re-make of Alien or how they re-made Nightmare on Elm St.(SUCKED!!) They should just leave te good ole` classics ALONE!!


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