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Ralph Macchio on Karate Kid remake

TheKarateKid.jpgWith The Karate Kid remake ploughing on, we hadn't yet heard from the star of the first, Ralph Macchio.

What did the original Karate Kid have to say? Well he's a little dubious about parts of the remake, join the club mate.

Will Smith has his son Jaden Smith starring in The Karate Kid remake. It's also being relocated to China, and could be co-starring Jackie Chan as Mr. Miyagi. I'm not a fan of the remake, although it's turning into a pretty loose remake.

Now Ralph Macchio, the original Karate Kid, has given his view on the remake to MTV.

Listen, here’s my take on it. I think Jaden - you know, Will Smith’s kid - the kid’s got chops. He’s young; he’s like eleven…That story will work forever, when well-told. So, it makes sense in that respect.

He is a little worried about maintaining the importance of the Mr. Miyagi character, and also the young age of Smith compared to his original character.

From my personal view, the filling the void of what Mr. Miyagi was - and the magic of that character - is going to be the toughest task. I (also) don’t know where the romantic story-arc goes (with Smith’s Daniel) at that age.

That's one of the things that worries me about the remake, that the main character is too young. That we might end up with more of a Disney film. Macchio also thinks that the continuing success of his version, might work against the new one.

(The ‘Karate Kid’ remake is) going to be interesting, from the respect that I think if they intend on copying some of the elements that are still present now (it won’t be easy). Reruns of the movie play a lot on television, so the now-generation knows it. It’s not like ‘Ocean’s 11′. When they remade that, no one had seen the other one in thirty years.

They do have a pretty damn good original to emulate. I still watch it today if it's on TV. Macchio does have some advice for them though, as to what he thinks they need to do.

If they separate themselves from (the original) but still hold true to the human message behind the movie. I think that story could last forever.

I think he's right. The only way the "remake" will work is if it takes the themes of the first, and puts a new spin on it. A new kid doing crane kicks and painting fences won't work, not while the first remain so popular. Then again it hasn't stopped them before has it. Are you ready for a new Karate Kid? Or does the original still do the job?



Well it wasn't exactly high art to being with was it? A fairly pishy film that spawned several pishy sequels is now getting a pishy remake.

It's about as exciting as finding out that Police Academy is being remade with Adam Sandler as Mahomo, sorry, Mahoney.

I think there should be a ban on remaking any movie less than 40 year old! Hm, I wonder this just because I feel old when I have to admit to remembering the original coming out!

(Incidently, I never saw what the fuss was about with the Karate Kid anyway?)

I've always had a bit of a soft spot for the first. It's a good film for what it is. Not a fan of the sequels though, or the pointless remake.

The 40 year rule sounds like a good plan to me. Imagine , they might have to make some decent original films...

Which means The Godfather will be remade in 3 years time if we allow the 40 year rule suggested here by Morbius, by golly, make it 50!

I share Louise's sentiments anbout the first Karate Kid film, and I have to confess I also had a thing for Macchio at the time. *swoons*

I think that remaking The Karate Kid is stupid just like remaking almost everything else is stupid.
Besides, no one can replace Macchio!!! Especially not Jaden Smith! Ugh :(

ohmygosh! i'm only 13 years old and i've seen all of the karate kid movies but i still think that the remake is gonna be stupid because i think that ralph macchio was so freakin hot when he was younger (: jaden is way too young.

I watched the film and its almost the same plot as the first karate kid,..

What a waste of money

Well, those are remakes for you. Was it really that bad though? Nothing new to offer?


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