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Red Dwarf the film?

RedDwarf.jpgNo chance I say, but it would appear that at one time there was talk of a Red Dwarf film, probably when Red Dwarf was a well watched show and wasn't relying on fans watching the many repeats while the stars went off to other projects.

Craig Charles, one of the stars of the series, is promoting a new one off special of Red Dwarf that they're all off filming just now, and so he's obviously going to punt the idea of a film of the much loved series.

Speaking about the possibility he reveals that it was thought about but a long time ago.

“It came really, really close...It's one of those things, though. It feels like another lifetime now.”

Yeah, that's pretty much what I just said too. Speaking to Digital Spy he reveals that they're working on a special one off Red Dwarf special for television, but that if there was the desire for it they might well consider a film.

“Never say never - if this special goes well, you never know what could come of it.”

Sounds like a far off possibility to me, but the question would be do you want to see a Red Dwarf film or is it just too far in the past? I would think if we are talking television series in the UK then the majority would want a Doctor Who film and no time or money wasted on anything else, especially the resurrection of a series that has seen its time.



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