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Resident Evil 4/5 details emerge

ResidentEvilExtinction.jpgIt seems that the fourth, or fifth if you're counting the CGI Resident Evil: Degeneration, Resident Evil is much further forward than we first thought. They have a location for the story and their effects team lined up, obviously they have the writer, but they are still looking for a director and their lead.

The most interesting thing about the story is the location for the film, Alaska. After all it's has vampires and truckers, so why not zombies? It's not like they'd get cold or anything.

Well I guess if their limbs got cold enough, which they'd do very easily without blood flowing through them, that they would just snap off quite easily in that extreme cold. Then all they'd have to worry about are the genetically engineered creatures. No problem!

Paul W.S. Anderson has already said he's not filming this one, again. Writing the script yes, but not directing. Now with JoBlo reporting that Patrick Tatopoulos in charge of the creature effects you might think he's blown his chance of directing the film after his successful turn on Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, but perhaps not, I'm sure he could do both, and he's a pretty damn good candidate for the part.

Michael Lantieri has also been hired as the special effects supervisor, and the report regarding the script is that the location is to be Alaska and it's a lot darker than the previous films. I hope that means in storyline and characters rather than just in brightness because they're off to the darkened Alaska.

Now they need their stars, and I think Milla Jovovich is a completed shoe-in, why wouldn't she do it? I wonder who else they will get on board, because the casting of the previous films has been lifting a little don't you think? I wonder if the franchise is actually picking up in stature. Could the move of Anderson's to back out of directing be to inject some new life into the franchise and to try and keep it on an upward rise, however slight? Well at least this one will return to live-action.



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