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Rourke joins The Expendables

MickeyRourke.jpgWow, the good news for Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables keeps coming, and I really honestly believed that the line up of Stallone, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Jason Statham, Forest Whitaker just couldn't get any more cool names added to it. I was wrong.

The report is in that Mickey Rourke has joined the cast, and that makes for another exciting addition to the action film.

According to the report in Variety, Mickey Rourke is playing an unscrupulous arms dealer who the Expendables mercenaries head to for their weaponry.

This just ramps up the anticipation levels even more as this cast list just seems incredible right now and almost too good to be believed. Seriously, this line up is becoming almost legendary don't you think? Especially when we hear that Ben Kingsley is also being approached.

This is a bit of a big hit for the film I think, because not only is Mickey Rourke a bit of a legend that fits well with the Dolph Lundgren throwback but he also has the acting stature pointing to that of Forest Whitaker with his latest outings. We could get a powerful performance as another screen legend returns to former glory.

I honestly couldn't think I could get this excited about casting for a film, but this is really building the anticipation for the project. I just hope the script and film deliver this level of excitement.



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