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Scream 4 update

Scream.jpgThe last we heard Scream 4 was a definite possibility, with a script being written, and atleast one main star coming back. And unfortunately, the premise that it could be setting up a new franchise of Scream films. Only this time with a younger bunch of protagonists.

Now we have another update, some of which confirms what we heard.

Early January we heard from Jamie Kennedy and a screenwriter, that Scream 4 was on the cards. And that despite his character being deceased Kennedy was required for the film. More pre-recorded videos or flashbacks then. The idea was that a restart of the Scream franchise would take place, with younger stars maybe taking over.

Now Bloody Disgusting have an update, from a supposedly reliable source. Looks like the restart is on, like it or not. The four handy facts go like this:

Fact #1: Kevin Williamson (writer of two of the SCREAM films (character credit on third)) is going to start writing a draft, although it may or may not become the shooting script (which is typical).

Fact #2: Wes Craven may or may not direct, but there is a very good possibility that he will return.

Fact #3: They are making financial offers to David Arquette, Courtney Cox Arquette and Neve Campbell to play cameos.

Fact #4: This will be a younger version of the SCREAM movies.

If the main characters are only back in cameos, it seems the new kids will be taking over. So they are basically trying to use the original stars, to kick start the franchise, and set off a whole new series of films. I really think the Scream films have had their day. Do we really need a whole new bunch of kids, being picked off one by one? Not forgetting the satirising of the whole horror genre on the way. It was fun while it lasted, but please no more. Anybody with me?



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