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Scream star and writer talk Scream 4

Scream.jpgIt's hard to believe that there could be room for a fourth Scream film, and some of the stars seem to think that too, but Bob Weinstein is holding out hope for it, so much so that there's a script and stars are being courted.

According to Jamie Kennedy and the scriptwriter Michael T. Kennedy, the film is happening and the script is written, but Weinstein wants the entire crew back for the fourth film, alive or dead.

Now how will that work exactly? I think the “who cares” line comes into play at this point, it'll be suspension of disbelief, or flash backs to the past, or...look, the real question is do we need or want a fourth Scream film? Haven't they been done to death? If studios are dropping films such as Case 39, why are they even bothering with films like this?

Well it does look like it's happening according to IfMagazine through a reader of HorrorMovies.ca (no link available). They say that a press release states the filming will start in 2009, and that this isn't just a sequel, but it will re-start the franchise, so expect a bunch more to follow.

“Jamie Kennedy has since told iFMagazine that he may reprise his role as Randy Meeks in the fourth film, despite his character having previously been killed off in the second film of the trilogy. He also claimed that the rest of the cast would be a mixture of new characters with "old faces that you wouldn’t believe," and that the film will only go ahead with the involvement of director Wes Craven.

..."Bob wants us all to return for another film... I don't know how I'd return, but he wants me back." In a recent interview with tentative script writer Michael T. Kennedy, he stated that most of the old characters, including Sidney Prescott, have been written into the script, and that it is the last film to feature the original cast.

On December 13th 2008, Michael T. Kennedy confirmed that his manager is still awaiting a response from the Weinsteins regarding whether or not they will use his script - all that is known at present is that they are still looking over the material.”

HorrorMovies.ca also say that Wes Craven has said that he's talked with Neve Campbell about a fourth film, and that he'd like to do another one with the Weinstein's. So does this all say it's on?

Certainly looks like we're going for a fourth Scream film, but with a restart of the franchise, are we just going to see everything start all over again with the original characters? I doubt that. I think what we're in store for is the old crew being involved in a new round of murders which are mirroring the Scream set-up, possibly focused on someone new and involving Sidney in some way, and this will be the “handover” film for the series.

Is that something that would interest you? Personally I think the Scream series is done.



I liked the Scream films, but I don't fancy another one. The third one wrapped it up pretty well.

Plus I don't like the idea of rolling out the old cast, just to set up a new series. The Scream franchise reinvented the horror genre to a certain degree, but I think it's work is done.

Let it die before I scream!


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