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See One Day Removals “reid baund” for free

OneDayRemovals.jpgOne Day Removals (Filmstalker review) is a comedy film from the North East of Scotland in the much underused dialect of Doric. It's not only the first feature film in Doric, but it's the film with the most swearing in the English language, ever, and that's an undisputed fact from Mark Stirton, the writer/director of the film.

It's a surprisingly good film with plenty of laughs and some good acting to boot, and while you previously had to buy the DVD to see it, for a limited time it's going to be available to watch online, for free.

Also, to promote the release of the film online for less than a week, Mark Sirton has released the most hilarious edit of any film ever, and that's another undisputed Stirton fact. This is what I would call the “reid baund” version or if you have never lived in the North East like fit I hae, it's the red band version.

What Mark has done is edit the film so you just hear the swear words, and you might think that's not a lot, but according to the list there are five hundred and twenty-one swear words, and some are rather ripe.

You can see the cut down version right here, but remember it is the “reid baund” version and is full of swearing, some swear words that would make the MPAA's ears bleed.

Oh now this is probably better when you've seen the film, but come the bit in the middle of the trailer when the bloke with the beard (that description is for those who have just watched the trailer and not the film) starts having a bit of a fit of anger, I was laughing out loud again.

Right, after that if you want to see the whole film, and I think you do as it's a hell of a surprise for such small scale film, you should head over to the One Day Removals Daily Motion page where the film will be available to watch in it's entirety from January 30th to February 2nd.



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