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Sigourney Weaver says no to Alien 5

SigourneyWeaver.jpgIt's that time again readers, time for Sigourney Weaver to either opt in or out of Alien 5. Last time it was a kind of out, but there was a possibility of a new story for Ripley.

This time it's out, but it still kind of links in to what she said last time we heard about it. Kind of consistent atleast. I'm already confused.

Alien 5 is beginning to remind me of Ross and Rachel in Friends. On again, off again, "we're on a break". Every so often we hear that Sigourney Weaver might be interested, and then the next we hear it's finished.

Last time Sigourney Weaver spoke about Alien 5, she said she has spoken to Ridley Scott about it. But after the Alien vs Predator films, she thought maybe an Alien film would have to take place with no Alien at all. A fresh start with Ripley in another science fiction story she said. Now it sounds like it might not be happening at all. She was talking on Reelz Channel, through Cinema Blend:

I think it's more satisfying to create something new. I love the Alien films, but I think enough already.

I suppose that could mean just no more Alien films, or Ripley at all. Or does it mean that she still wants to create a new story with Ripley in it? Not entirely sure. I don't think a film with Ripley and no Alien would interest me. I beginning to think I'm with her, if what she means is that the Alien series should be left alone. What about you, do you still want Alien 5? Do you wish they would just make up their minds already?



I bet she'd love to be in my Alien 5.If you're interested I'll e-mail you the pitch Richard.


I think a 5th film will never get made. And if they do, then they better get a move on before they remake 'Alien'.

Mark I'd love to see it - are those kisses for me?!

Is that's what's next? More sci-fi?

Lord, an Alien remake. Maybe we'll get a prequel, the origins of the Alien. Fun.

I think, leave it be. I love the series, but...

-Flawless, perfect first 2 films
-Third that disappointed
-Fourth that was too far out there
-2 AVP movies that have bastardized the strength/horror of the creature

It pains me, but I feel it can only get worse, and too convoluted. Lets be happy with what we have and stop taking away from that with new films that not only diminish the quality of the originals, but just will never live up.

No it has to have the alien in it in some capacity and they have to completely disregard the last 2 films. Hicks and Newt SHOULD NOT HAVE DIED. Damn, it makes me so mad. Just explain their aging by saying their cryo-tubes were slightly damaged, but still had life support. Also, Ridley Scott and James Cameron have to collaborate on it as writer/directors. I just want to see a final return to form for Alien.

BTW This website's verification software sucks. You can't tell if it's a b or h and whether it's supposed to be a real word or not. So annoying.

Well for the verification you have the spammers to thank. It has to be this strong to stop the huge attacks the site was getting and bringing it down. The hosting company had rightly had enough.

However if you press the refresh button on the Captcha it will give you another set of words to enter, and you can keep going until you read them. Or you could hit the sound button to hear one. So I actually think it's one of the better systems out there.


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