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Stalked: Brendan Fraser, Vanessa Hugens, The Crazies

Brendan Fraser is putting his trust in Harrison Ford.

Vanessa Hudgens could be joining the Twilight sequel.

And Timothy Olyphant has some help with The Crazies.

Brendan Fraser is teaming up with Harrison Ford in a new film. He will play the lead role in Crowley. It's the true story of John and Aileen Crowley, whose two children suffered from a rare genetic disorder. Desperate to find a cure, John Crowley turns to a researcher (Harrison Ford), who be able to help. The news is from Coming Soon.

Vanessa Hudgens has apparently auditioned for a role in the Twilight sequel. The role she went for is Leah Clearwater, having never read the books I have no idea if she'd be a good choice or not. Twilight actress Ashley Greene is the person who spilled the beans to MTV.

And joining Timothy Olyphant in The Crazies remake is Radha Mitchell. The remake sees a town over run by crazed violent people, after a biological weapon is accidentally released on it's inhabitants. Olyphant is the sheriff trying to deal with it all. The news comes from Coming Soon.



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