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Stalked: Dushku produces, freestyle basketball, English country horror and Holmes gets Extra Man

Eliza Dushku is set to produce a film about Robert Mapplethorpe starring her brother in the lead...

There's a new film coming about urban freestyle basketball...

A new horror set in the English countryside is in the works...

Katie Holmes is starring next to Kevin Kline in a comedy called The Extra Man...

Eliza Dushku is producing a biographical film about the photographer Robert Mapplethorpe with her brother Nate Dushku taking the lead role. Mapplethorpe is well known for photographing statuesque male and female nudes, delicate flower still lifes, and highly formal portraits of artists and celebrities as well as the more infamous photographs portraying homoerotic and BDSM acts, which caused a traveling exhibition called The Perfect Moment to be charged for pandering to obscenity, something which seems to be a continuing trend through his career, even after his death. The news comes from /Film.

The Hollywood Reporter has the story that the upcoming film Freestyle is set in the competitive urban freestyle basketball and will be casting by running a competition to look for players who can act. The competition is being run by Revolver, Bebo and the NBA. The film is written and directed by Kolton Lee who is an ex-professional basketball player himself, and tells the story of a promising young female student who meets a street kid who persuades her to enter a freestyle basketball competition. Sounds like the dance films we've seen of late but with basketball.

Vivid is a new psychological horror film to be set in the English countryside, and will star Charisma Carpenter and Justin Hawkins, ex lead singer of The Darkness. The film sees Carpenter play a New York novelist relocating to the countryside of England. However the locals don't like her and reject her and she begins to have nightmares of a massacre at the country manor she's staying in.

What sounds even better than this lower budget horror film is news of another couple of projects from the production company, Bone Orchard, a Western with Chinese vampires with John Landis set to direct and the oddly billed Cockney versus Zombies! The story comes from Variety.

Katie Holmes is continuing in comedy with The Extra Man where she stars alongside Kevin Kline, Paul Dano, and John C. Reilly. Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini will direct the film according to Variety with Kline plays a failed playwright who works as an escort for rich widows. He develops a mentor-student relationship with a troubled aspiring playwright played by Dano.

Producer Anthony Bergman said of the film:

"This is a film for our times, these hilarious characters living on the edge of enormous wealth, scrapping for small pieces of the pie...I suspect a lot of people will be able to identify nowadays."

Let's hope they all live up to that statement - hilarious and a film for our times?



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