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Stalked: East of Eden, The Rum Diary, Vanessa Hudgens

East of Eden is turning into a film again.

Johnny Depp might finally be in The Rum Diary.

But Vanessa Hudgens isn't joining New Moon.

East of Eden is to be made into a film again. The John Steinbeck novel was originally mad e into a film in 1955, with James Dean taking a part. Ron Howard was muted as being involved in a remake, but he left the project. Tom Hooper will now direct and Christopher Hampton will write the adaptation. The news is from Variety.

Could Johnny Depp finally be making The Rum Diary? The film has been in developmental hell for a while, but it could finally be moving. TheBadandUgly.com, through Coming Soon, say they have received a casting announcement. It says that filming is due to begin in March 2009. The novel by Hunter S. Thompson, tells the story of a journalist who moves from New York to work for a newspaper in Puerto Rico. He finds a bunch of American ex-pats, who seem to be bent on self-destruction.

It looks like Vanessa Hudgens won't be in the Twilight sequel, New Moon. One of the stars suggested earlier this week, that Hudgens had auditioned for a role. However, Entertainment Weekly, through Coming Soon, say she won't be involved.

Sources inside Summit Entertainment and Hudgens' camp tell EW that the filmmakers aren't looking at the star (best known as High School Musical's Gabriella Montez) for any role in the soon-to-be-shooting Twilight followup.

That's that sorted then.



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