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Stalked: Halloween 2 casting call spoilers, Strangers 2 and Craven's 25/8 saved

Halloween 2, aka H2, has some of the kills revealed in the casting call...

25/8 by Wes Craven and The Strangers 2, as well as plenty of other horror films, have been saved along with their studio Rogue Pictures...

There are some big spoilers for Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 aka H2: Halloween 2 online in the form of the casting call for the film. There's nothing hugely revealing about the plot but it does give a little away for those who are going to die, and a little bit of how too.

For those of you who like your spoilers then this is for you, to be honest though you can expect most people to die in a Halloween film, so I'm not really viewing my experience of the film as being ruined, hearing how these people die is not really the same as seeing them die on screen.

Bloody Disgusting has the casting call of kills if you're interested.

A deal has been going on for months between Universal and Relativity Media to sell Rogue Pictures. Universal was holding the negotiations to get rid of the horror production arm for some hard cash. The deal means that it still retains distribution rights, at a reduced fee, gains some immediate funds, while Rogue Pictures continues to operate and Relativity Media gains the back and current catalogue. All good.

The story from Variety through MovieWeb, who don't provide a link, reveals that the deal and the current climate meant that the company was sold for half its value, and that in better times it could have reached much, much more.

What it means for you and I is that The Strangers 2, the sequel to The Strangers, will be released, and the Wes Craven thriller 25/8 will also see the light of day. There are a number of other titles that have also been saved as part of the deal, and Relativity Media plans to release two pictures a year through Rogue, and that's the news we want to hear.

Why? Let's just say Shaun of the Dead, Assault on Precinct 13, Unleashed/Danny the Dog, The Unborn, Hot Fuzz, Doomsday and Hack/Slash, another film looking as though it will be saved. Yes, not Citizen Kane, but some good films.



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