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Stalked: New Moon, Keira Knightly, Colin Farrell, Ving Rhames

Could Dakota Fanning be in New Moon?

Keira Knightly isn't in a costume drama for once.

And Ving Rhames is going where Danny Glover has already been.

Vanessa Hudgens was linked with the role of Jane in the Twilight sequel recently. Apparently that's unlikely to come true, but someone else is now rumoured for the part. Dakota Fanning is now linked with the role in New Moon. The news is from Jo Blo.

Keira Knightly is to star in a film which isn't a costume drama. Wonders will never cease. Don't get too excited though, she's not exactly stretching herself. She will star opposite Colin Farrell, in London Boulevard. He's playing a criminal, who upon his release from prison, gets a job as a handyman for a reclusive actress. I'm thinking he maybe doesn't too do well in giving up the criminal life. The news comes from Variety.

Ving Rhames will star in a film version of Master Harold ... and the Boys. Danny Glover starred in the play, and Rhames will take that role. The Hollywood Reporter say the lead role is a man called Sam

a dignified, noble waiter who is a father figure to young Hally (Freddie Highmore).



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