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Stalked: Orlando Bloom, Laura Linney, Isla Fisher, Minnie Driver, Brendan Fraser

Orlando Bloom and Laura Linney have Sympathy for Delicious.

Isla Fisher is playing a lizard.

Minnie Driver is helping Hilary Swank.

And Brendan Fraser is bringing us more comedy.

Orlando Bloom has joined the cast of Sympathy for Delicious. Mark Ruffalo and Chris Thornton are also starring, Ruffalo is also directing. Also joining the cast is Laura Linney. Bloom is replacing James Franco as a paralysed DJ, who discovers he has the ability to heal the sick. He can't heal himself though. As he tries to make the most of his talent, he finds himself stuck between the priest trying to help him, and the lead of a rock band who is trying to exploit him. The news is from Cinematical.

Isla Fisher is joining Johnny Depp in Rango. Gore Verbinski is directing the animated film, which has Depp as a household pet who goes on an adventure. Fisher will play a lizard who befriends Depp's character. Seems they are also filming it slightly differently, with the actors acting out the scenes, which will then be recorded and used for the animation. The news is from MTV Movies Blog.

Hilary Swank has some help in Betty Anne Waters. Minnie Driver is the new addition to the cast. Swank is playing an unemployed single mother, who puts her self through law school in order to help her brother. He has been jailed for life, after being convicted of a murder/robbery. Driver will play a fellow law student with a history of partying.The film is based on a true story. The Hollywood Reporter brings us the news.

Brendan Fraser is bringing us another life changing film. He's to star in Furry Vengeance, a family comedy film. Variety say he will play a property developer, whose new development displaces said furry animals. Comedy no doubt then ensues.



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