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Stalked: Rockwell on Iron Man 2, Sex and the City stars on sequel, Cruise for Milk

Sam Rockwell signs on for Iron Man 2 and fans are upset...

Sex and the City stars apparently are on for the sequel...

Gus Van Sant wanted Tom Cruise for the part next to Sean Penn's Milk...

Sam Rockwell signs on for Iron Man 2 and fans are upset because he doesn't know who his character is...really? Seriously, you're telling me a top rate actor has signed up for one of those comic book adaptations that critics snigger at and ridicule continuously and he isn't wholly sold on the heart of the project and in love with the character? Next you'll be telling me that he gets paid for it and nothing in his life is free which means he has bills to pay too.

Although the rumour has been circulating, Collider were the first to sit face to face with him and get the confirmation, he's in it and he's playing Justin Hammer. Now for a bit of a background on who he is, he's the man who heads up the new leader in the weapons trade, and he's not totally legal in his business dealings either.

Sex and the City stars apparently are on for the sequel, although not officially signed up, so this is another fishing story, or just something to keep the sequel in the limelight for now. According to one of those pesky sources through Us Weekly Magazine, WENN and IMDB - now there's a list of plausible denials and innacuracies for you, the cast are onboard, just not signed. For me that's quite a distinction.

There's been talk from the stars for some time, but negotiations (probably over them all getting more money because they'll never do another one) have been ongoing. Now they're done with that and are all on apparently...just more negotiating and signing to do. Quite.

Gus Van Sant wanted Tom Cruise for the part next to Sean Penn's Milk (Filmstalker review), the part played by James Brolin. Van Sant said of the idea through WENN and IMDB:

"I thought if I connected those two guys (Cruise and Penn) at the time I could go into the studio and say, 'Look, I have these two guys' and they would do it...There was always the problem with the gay community aspect of the film so they needed a reason to overcome that fear that they had of making a film that wasn't going to have a very big return money wise, so that was my plan."

Well I think Tom Cruise might have been a poor choice for the film because, like it or not, the media would have concentrated on his private life, the organised religious group he is a member of, and their beliefs. Now however right or wrong they are, that would have totally obscured what the film was and people would have gone to see it for all the wrong reasons.

Although I'm a Cruise fan, I don't think he would have fitted well with this film, only for the fact of what the media would have made of it. I'm glad Broslin was the choice.



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