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Stalked: Roland Emmerich, Chris Evans, Emma Stone

Roland Emmerich is going into outer space.

Scott Pilgrim has another ex to deal with.

And Emma Stone is helping Woody Harrelson.

Roland Emmerich is to direct a film version of Isaac Asimov's Foundation. I haven't read the series of stories myself, but it sounds like a large undertaking. It follows humans who are scattered and living on different planets, all under the Galactic Empire. A psychohistorian foresees the collapse of the Empire and sets about trying to save the knowledge of mankind. The news is from Variety. Sounds like epic stuff.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World has another cast member. Michael Cera and Kieran Culkin were the ones we heard about the other day. Chris Evans is to play Lucas Lee, the skateboarder/movie star. He's one of the exes Michael Cera will have to take care of. The news comes from AICN.

Emma Stone is to join Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg in Zombieland. The film sees an unlikely couple caught up in an outbreak of zombies. Whilst fighting the infestation, they find themselves bonding. They do say people form bonds in extreme situations. MTV brought us the news.



I've read all of Asimov's Foundation books. They could make good films but I fear we'll get another I Robot. (Or worse, Bicentennial Man!)

I know what you mean. The choice of director is a little worrying too. About the only one I'd rather see do it less, is Michael "cut,whizz,bang" Bay.


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