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Stalked: The Thing confirmed, Narnia saved, Slumdog Millionaire teaches stars

We all heard about The Thing remake and the director, but the press says it's true now...

Narnia has been saved, Voyage of the Dawn Treader will be seen...

Slumdog Millionaire is teaching the child stars of the film rather than paying them...

Yeah, we've all heard about The Thing prequel, who's writing it and also who's directing it, but now Variety is telling us it's all true, so that's good. We knew that Ron Moore was writing it and Matthijs Van Heijningen was directing. We also knew that it was going to tell the story of how the alien was first discovered and destroyed the Norwegian camp. Nothing new there.

Great news for Narnia fans, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader has been saved by Fox 2000 who picked up the project after Disney decided to stop making films in the franchise when one didn't do so well as the other – can anyone say knee jerk reaction? Now this doesn't mean that the franchise is saved, just this film, and how it performs is yet to be seen because they are rather heavy on expense, effects and big casts so perhaps there will be a little pairing back on all of those areas, whether that makes for a better or worse film we'll have to wait and see. The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Michael Apted is expected to stay on as director, as are the stars, a new writer is coming though, probably to start that cost saving.

Cocoa and Caffeine Hollywood Travels attended a Q&A for Slumdog Millionaire (Filmstalker review) with Danny Boyle who revealed something about the unique way they paid the child actors in the film. They aren't giving them a big pay cheque like any other actor, no, they're investing in their future.

“The children depicting young Jamal and Latika in the film are now attending school at the expense of the filmmakers. According to Mr. Boyle and the film's producer Christian Colson...When they finish their schooling, they will receive further payment from a trust fund.”

That's a superb way to do it, and much better than just throwing a wad of money at them. Should this be the way that any under age actor should be paid no matter where they are in the world? Even at eighteen I think it's too young, and perhaps it should be twenty?



While the movie deals with the gory details of the underbelly of Mumbai, it doesnt really leave you with a sick feeling. The story feels like a commentary and at the end you just feel good about the whole movie. Very well done I must say.

The music score by Rehman is amazing, the actors who played junior Jamal and Salim were the real stars. They were simply too good.


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