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Stalked: Watchmen, Sienna Miller

The Watchmen case could be over soon.

And Sienna Miller is no longer Maid Marian

Hollywood Reporter, through Sci-Fi Wire, say that Warner Bros and Fox are close to agreeing over Watchmen. A date of 20th January had been set for the next legal stage, however the two studios have been talking. They have been talking over the weekend, and again yesterday. Hallelujah, the end could be in sight.

Sienna Miller has left Ridley Scott's Nottingham. She was playing Maid Marian, opposite Russell Crowe as both Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham. The Guardian also claim that it's because she makes Crowe look a little portly, which sounds like a nonsense reason. Nottingham certainly isn't having the easiest journey to a screen near you though. Let's hope it makes it eventually.



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