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Star talks Tron 2.0

Tron.jpgAs we know, watching films can be life affirming experience. It can change perceptions and provoke different emotions. Well according to one of the stars of Tron 2.0, it will change film as we know it.

That sounds like a tag line they should use. Lets hope it lives up to Olivia Wilde's predictions.

The Tron sequel/remake still has many different titles, but also has some cast members attached. Olivia Wilde has talked about just how awesome it's all going to be:

It’s going to be a kind of revolution in filmmaking and film watching. Now that everyone has such great entertainment systems in their house, they don’t need to go to the movies anymore, but we’re going to give them a reason to. Not only will it be 3-D, but they’ll be seeing things they’ve never seen before in film. It’s beyond 21st century. I don’t know what century we’re in but it’s new.

No doubting her sales pitch, that's for sure. We needn't think it's just the world of film that will be changed forever either. She tells MTV, the fashion world should brace themselves:

It’ll really, I think, spark not only excitement in the film community but also in the fashion community. I mean the stuff that they’ve designed is so incredible that I think it’s going to have a ripple effect and people will be very inspired.

We can only hope it's going to be as amazing as she claims it is. The footage we've already seen makes me a little excited at what they will come up with. Prepare yourselves people, cinema will be changing....



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