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Terminator Salvation confirmations

TerminatorSalvation.jpgSecrets from McG's upcoming Terminator Salvation have been revealed at a press junket. Secrets that we'd previously gotten to the bottom of from way back, have now been seen on screen, so what's the big plot twist still to come?

There was a press junket just the other night to enable McG to whip up the media into a bit of a frenzy and get hype going around the film, and some might argue that there's no real need to hype it up at all, just keeping going the way they were was enough. However the junket was held and secrets confirmed with footage.

The first thing I should say is that there are spoilers coming, and big ones. So turn away now if you aren't interested. I'll delay you a few lines too.

You see I wrote about that very same plot reveal, discovering it in an early comment about the casting, and then again when we saw the toys for Terminator Salvation on display.

Here we go, the footage from the Terminator Salvation junket shows Marcus saving Connor from the underwater Terminators and being revealed as a Terminator himself. Except he's confused about who he is, and later footage confirms this.

So Marcus is a Terminator, we really did know that, but he still doesn't seem to. Other footage showed Marcus in prison before the war began, in prison as a human, and then after he's a Terminator that doesn't understand how he got here. To me that means he's an early prototype that's been created with a human brain. Perhaps SkyNet created him as an early experiment to see if they could turn humans into Terminators.

Later on in the detailed overview of the press junket from Latino Review, we hear about another piece of footage that shows Marcus revealing to Connor that SkyNet has Reese and that he is the only one who can show him where he is to rescue him. Of course Connor has to go after him otherwise Reese can't go back in time and become his father.

I'm pretty sure that Marcus will be an early experiment of taking a human and putting a Terminator skeleton inside him, or putting his brain and skin onto a Terminator, but it looks like the human brain is winning out.

Footage was also seen confirming another story we had from way back, that of the use of humans to create the Terminators, but here they are referring to creating the skin that grows over them.

There are plenty of other titbits in the story about the footage, and it's well worth heading over there and reading it all. For me though it's this story around Marcus that is the most interesting.

We also get to know that Connor does not start out as the leader of the resistance and that he's actually a soldier to being with, and that the plot sticks with the idea that he's still not believed by those in charge, until it's too late.

It's all looking interesting so far, but if the Marcus story isn't the big plot twist then what is? That Connor or Reese are Terminators? Well Reese can't be, we've seen him as very human in the past, and he has to carry out his fatherly duties...or while he's in SkyNet do they make Reese like Marcus - a human in mind but with a Terminator skeleton inside of him?

I'm not sure what the big surprise could be. Are you?



What I really want to know is...

Why is TERMINATOR SALVATION released in the UK on the 3rd of June?

TWO WEEKS later...

Well it's the same old story isn't it? UK having delayed releases in order to maximise box office.


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