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Terminator Salvation toys confirm spoilers

TerminatorSalvation.jpgWell before the Terminator Salvation trailer showed John Connor screaming at Sam Worthington and people started putting two and two together, I wrote about that very same plot reveal, discovering it in an early comment about the casting. Mind you it's something I thought about way back when the casting was originally revealed.

Of course that's not the only big plot reveal we've had, but I certainly thought it was the crux of the story, well apparently not, but the plot spoiler for Terminator Salvation has been revealed by the new range of action figures released. So turn away if you're not wanting to know.

The action figures reveal something very important about the character Marcus Wright, played by Sam Worthington, something that I thought might happen when the casting news came out in February 2008 and was later confirmed by another comment, that was well before we saw the trailer footage that hinted at the relationship.

It's the fact that Marcus Wright is going to be a Terminator. Not a big surprise for those of us who read Filmstalker. However the reveal of the battered action figure a la Arnie's Terminator later on in each of the Terminator films to date, also comes with an attempt to quell the spoiler.

TerminatorSalvation-Figure.jpg/Film have all the images of the action figures, a small one you can see here, and don't worry there's not much more detail, but they have also been told that the pre-release advertising will reveal Marcus' figure in this Terminator revealing form.

So wait, the surprise that Marcus is a Terminator isn't really a surprise at all? That sounds like we figured it out way too early and the studio are trying to do some desperate manoeuvring to retain some surprises for Terminator Salvation.

However reading between the lines, and of what McG said about the spoilers, I'm wondering if we have captured the spoiler and then missed something else.

His action figure is battling a water Terminator, and McG said that no one has managed to guess the spoiler as yet, then there's the fact that John Connor has been saying he never really was prepared for what was to come and that the footage to date hints that Marcus is a good Terminator, just like Arnie was.

Digest those facts for a moment.

Could it be that the Terminators are warring factions themselves? Could it be that the Terminators are going to be set-up to have a resistance within themselves and that some of them perhaps develop an intelligence, perhaps through their use of humans, and understanding that means they fight alongside humans and that they want to end the destruction of themselves?

Perhaps that's the final spoiler that McG is hiding, that the humans are not the only resistance.

Whether it is or not I still think that they're trying to hide the fact that the Terminator Salvation secret is out, and while most guessed it during the trailer release, we had it when the casting was revealed and days after. Is it the only one though? Could the Terminators have their own internal resistance?



Interesting thoughts there Richard. As much as we knew that Marcus was a Terminator I'm not sure the release of the toys promo was a good thing. The spolier will either surprise us or not (we have another 5/6 months before someone reveals it).

Richard I know you are determined to figure the secrets out, but I fear you will over cook your brain and then we will have no choice but to turn you in a terminator (a good one of course) yourself.

good theories...

Haha! Thanks Billy, I think I would like to be a good Terminator...although sometimes I would use my powers for evil, just sometimes.

I'm actually hoping there's still a spoiler or two to be had in the film, but at the same time I love working them out!


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